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Building Coalitions amidst Anti-Asian Racism

Mei Chiu

In this video, Mei Chiu is a Chinese woman that presents in a multi-coloured room with red and white walls, a large desk with leather chairs, and long white bookshelf on the left. Chiu has medium length black hair, and wears a royal blue V-neck shirt.

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Unless indicated otherwise, the written descriptions were done by Nicholas Goberdhan from the Access-In-The-Making Lab, and the voiceovers were done by Jamilah Dei-Sharpe from the Respond to Crisis Team.  Image descriptions are constructed based on how the participants identified themselves in their videos and in consultation with the AIM LABIf you would like to make changes to any part of the description, please do not hesitate to email us at

Building Coalitions amidst Anti-Asian Racism

with Mei Chiu

Mei Chiu is a lawyer and social justice activist who works with The Progressive Chinese of Quebec, an organization that fights anti-Chinese racism.

In this video


Anti-Asian racism

Chiu examines the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the existing issues within the social economic system. In particular, Chiu examines the impact the pandemic has had in further revealing anti-Chinese discrimination in Quebec and in Canada as a whole.

Taking action

  • Fight internalized racism by building coalitions, solidarity and understanding with other oppressed groups; beware of divide and conquer tactics

  • For non-minorities be aware of the impact of white supremacy

  • Be reflexive of the model minority myth


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