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Building Body Resilience in the Context of Racism and Settler Colonialism

Denise Nadeau

I am a white skinned woman with dark brown hair and graying temples with hair pulled back

tight in a braid. I am wearing glasses with no rim on the bottom and dark red rim at the top. I

have large headphones on my ears. I am wearing a light blue jersey with a round neck. I am also

wearing abalone shell earrings about the size of a quarter. The background is a beige wall.

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Unless indicated otherwise, the written descriptions were done by Nicholas Goberdhan from the Access-In-The-Making Lab, and the voiceovers were done by Jamilah Dei-Sharpe from the Respond to Crisis Team.  Image descriptions are constructed based on how the participants identified themselves in their videos and in consultation with the AIM LABIf you would like to make changes to any part of the description, please do not hesitate to email us at

Building Body Resilience in the Context of Racism and Settler Colonialism

Denise Nadeau

Denise Nadeau is an Affiliate Assistant Professor in the Department of Religions and Cultures at Concordia University.

In this video


Mind & Body

Nadeau physically enacts a full-body exercise on how to build corporeal resilience against trauma. In compliment to her other video in our library The Politics of Trauma, she demonstrates how the body is a sight where discrimination and adversity is stored creating physiological and mental distress. To achieve what Nadeau refers to as ‘balance’ she directs us through simple steps for grounding our bodies when we encounter negative stimuli – an important technique for controlling our bodies hyper-response in times of precarity and social change.

Taking action

  • Focus on resurgence and sovereignty rather than trauma and suffering

  • Enrich your classroom with BIPOC guest speakers to lead anti-racist and decolonial conversations

  • Self-educate and become aware of healing and embodied ways of structuring your classroom


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