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Afrofuturism as a Bridge Beyond

Quentin Vercetty Lindsey

In this video, Quentin Vercetty Lindsey is a Black person that presents in front of a square-patterned background with warm and cool colours. Lindsey is wearing a large aviator styled glasses, as well as a black and white patterned shirt with a black bead necklace.

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Unless indicated otherwise, the written descriptions were done by Nicholas Goberdhan from the Access-In-The-Making Lab, and the voiceovers were done by Jamilah Dei-Sharpe from the Respond to Crisis Team.  Image descriptions are constructed based on how the participants identified themselves in their videos and in consultation with the AIM LABIf you would like to make changes to any part of the description, please do not hesitate to email us at info@respondtocrisis.com.

Afrofuturism as a Bridge Beyond

with Quentin Vercetty Lindsey

Quentin Vercetty Lindsey is a masters student in Art Education at Concordia University.

In this video


Anti-Black racism

Vercetty Lindsey explores public art and how we can reimagine public space to be an “afrotopia” or a safe space for Black people to exist and be represented in the landscape.

He introduces the concept of “sancophonology,” which is about exploring the past through an African lens and using that understanding to build a better future.

Taking action

  • Learn the history of the land you settle: from Indigenous histories to Mathew Dacosta

  • Explore work on Black and Indigenous futures

  • Think of yourself as an ancestor — as someone with accountability to those who will come after you and those who came before you


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