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African American woman with raised fist participating in black civil rights demonstrations

We provide tailored course packages that seamlessly integrate videos into your course syllabus. The packages tangibly transform the educational videos into critical dialogue questions and assignment recommendations to help your students critically unpack the complex themes related to systemic racism.

The course packages are offered to faculty members along with:


  • a 30-minute consultation

  • Two video recommendations and

  • networking opportunities with like-minded educators and students. Plus,

  • on request, we will arrange a personal introduction to the video participants to help you engage your students with a live guest speaker Q&A. 

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Let us help you incorporate our anti-racist videos into your classroom.

Course Integration

Designed for multiple disciplines

Sample Package.jpg

​The packages are multidisciplinary and curated for STEM and the Humanities fields, including nursing, marketing, philosophy, sociology, primatology, environmental science and ethics.

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We designed the classroom packages for faculty members based on feedback from University and CEGEP educators across Quebec and collaborated with the STEMM Diversity @ McGill team for the STEM classroom packages.

Classroom Package Includes

  • Complete Self-Reflexive Exercise

  • Facilitate Critical Dialogue

  • Utilize Assignment Recommendations

  • Include Recommended Articles and Books

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